The Best Foot Massagers

We spend most of the day walking around and running all kinds of errands, and it’s often the case that we have to spend the evening in tight and uncomfortable shoes. It’s not uncommon to get sore feet, but we usually neglect them. Foot massages can go a long way in helping us relax and… Read More

The Best Heating Pads

A heating pad is a mat or a cushion used to warm parts of your body to reduce pain and stiffness. The heat improves blood circulation, which brings more oxygen to the injured cells and speeds up the tissue recovery process. Heating pads can be extremely helpful for relieving back pain, neck pain, menstrual cramps,… Read More

The Best Plyo Boxes

Plyo boxes are the new fitness craze. This simple exercise is wonderful for your legs and core. Unlike some exercises, the technique is not complicated or easy to mess up. Plyo boxes are also easily stored and take up much less space than other workout equipment. They really are the new rockstar of the workout… Read More

We’re all familiar with treating others how we would want to be treated. Too often, though, we’re so focused on treating others with kindness and respect that we forget to give ourselves some TLC too. Self-care has been around for a long time – dating back to ancient times – but in the past few… Read More

If you’re feeling frustrated at work, it might be time to see a career counselor. According to Gallup polls, 60% of employees are emotionally aloof at work, and 19% are depressed. Career counseling can help you develop strategies for dealing with these feelings and improve your overall performance as a team member.  Importance of Career… Read More

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of new attention to infection and infection control over the last few years. It killed nearly 136,000 nursing home residents and more than 2,000 workers. While nursing home residents make up less than 1% of the US population, they accounted for a fifth of COVID related deaths. Low-income… Read More

Sleep is a key aspect to a healthy life, but it is often overlooked.  In fact, 68% of Americans have trouble falling asleep each week.  Luckily, there are tools that help people improve their sleep and overall health.  Being cognizant of which bedding you use, as well as how you wash your sheets, can have… Read More

Are you feeling distracted? Focus can improve your life with the science of cognitive performance. In fact, the human mind wanders for 47 percent of the day, wasting time and energy. We are also constantly bombarded with demands for our attention. The average person gets up to 10,000 marketing messages daily and up to 80… Read More

Most everyone in this world could use a fast way to relax and a neck massager is one such way. You can opt for an electric massager that does the work for you or a more controlled, manual massager that lets you apply the exact amount of pressure you need. And for those with a… Read More