Air purifier in a cozy living room

If you’re concerned about the air quality in your home, then you may want to consider finding a quality air purifier for mold. While you will have the best success with mold by maintaining a dry, clean, environment in your home, an air purifier will give you a bit of peace of mind, as well… Read More

Man sleeping on his side in bed

If you’re a side sleeper and have been struggling to get a good night’s sleep, there’s a good chance a mattress topper for side sleepers will be a life-changing investment. Whether you need additional support in your particular side position or you just need the lush comfort of a mattress topper that feels like it’s… Read More

How to get rid of mold spores in the air

Are you concerned about mold in your home and looking for ways to get rid of mold spores in the air?  You won’t see mold spores in the air—but you might become aware of their presence if you’re having itchy eyes or sneezing. You might be allergic to mold or have a condition like asthma… Read More

When you should be concerned about night sweats

Should you be concerned about your night sweats? If you find that your pillow and sheets are very damp each morning—or if you find yourself waking up because you’re sweating so much—then you might be starting to worry. But are night sweats a problem? And how can you deal with them so you can get… Read More

House humidifier

Whole-house humidifiers keep indoor humidity levels at healthy, comfortable levels. For most people (and climates), that’s somewhere between 30 to 50 percent humidity. The right humidity levels can relieve irritated sinus passages, keep the skin moist, and reduce asthma symptoms. Whole-house units can tap directly into the HVAC or humidify a whole-house with a single… Read More

How to detox your body from mold

Do you need to detox your body from mold? If you live in a fairly humid environment, you may have mold present in your home without realizing it.  This can cause allergic reactions, particularly if you already have asthma or other allergies.  Is Toxic Mold Syndrome Real? Some people think that mold can cause illness,… Read More

Ways to improve muscular endurance

Do you want to improve your muscular endurance? Whether you’ve been working out for years or are new to the game, here’s what you need to know to get your muscular health just where you want it. What is Muscular Endurance? Muscular endurance is essentially about how many reps you can do of a particular… Read More

Whats the best side to sleep on for digestion

Anyone who’s ever had a bad night’s sleep will tell you just how much it negatively affects your life. Sleeping poorly can lead to physiological effects in your body (dark circles under your eyes, a sense of lethargy, etc.) as well as cranky moods and a lack of mental clarity. If it’s happened to you,… Read More

Signs That You Need a Humidifier

Dry air sucks the moisture out of your body, creating conditions for discomfort and illness. Humidifiers regulate indoor humidity levels by adding moisture back into the breathable air. But how do you know if you need one? There are few telltale signs that dry air could be a problem. If any of the following issues… Read More

Simple Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can come from allergies, contact lenses, dry air, dehydration, or an underlying medical condition, among many other potential causes. Whether it’s an acute (temporary) or chronic (long-term) problem, home remedies offer relief. Some are waiting in your closet or pantry, while others are basic over-the-counter (OTC) remedies that can make a big difference… Read More