At the start of the pandemic, lockdown mandates changed for many the routine of daily life, putting several otherwise normal tasks on hold. Many sought after ways to keep occupied as their jobs became remote, their gyms closed, and their favorite restaurants shut down. Now, in a nearly post-pandemic world, remote work and other norms born during the height of COVID-19 are here to stay. Therefore, many businesses began to capitalize on this, inventing and selling new products tailored to this new way of life that so many have adopted.

Under desk treadmills are just one of the several pieces of workout equipment that was born out of necessity for the typical remote worker. This product slides easily under most standing-height desks, allowing for the user to exercise while working. Gone are the days of back aches and cramping pains that sitting for prolonged periods of time always brings. With this product, users can get their bodies moving throughout the workday without the need for long breaks and loss of productivity.

Studies have shown that cardio is not only good for the physical body, but it can also improve brain function and allow for clearer thinking and better work. Endorphins are hormones that are released during cardiovascular exercise. Experts say that these endorphins can help relieve pain, reduce stress and improve an overall sense of well-being. Now, with the help of this revolutionary piece of equipment, remote employees can join zoom calls, respond to emails, and even break a sweat from the comfort of their own office. For all of the multitaskers out there, or anyone who simply wants to stay active on a busy day, this product is a must-have.

The ease of use is unmatched with this under desk treadmill. It is lightweight, foldable, durable, and even has the ability to track the fitness progress of the user. The running belt is specially designed to absorb shock, promoting safety and wellness during use. The user can easily slide this piece of equipment in and out from under their desired space for easy storage when not in use. 

Beginning a personal fitness journey can be a daunting task. However, with such a versatile piece of new exercise technology in one’s own home, it is that much easier to tackle. Studies show that people most often push off their workout because of time constraints in their busy schedules. Now, one can make calls, watch television, work, or even shop while getting in their daily dose of cardio. Adjustable weight benches are also proven to provide a proper remote work workout.

In a post-pandemic society, stress is at an all time high. Exercise has been found to be a leading method of reducing that stress, but is constantly an activity that people put on the back burner. Now is the time to prioritize personal health, happiness, and wellbeing to kickstart a more promising future as we move into a time of rebirth and rebuilding. Turn your day around, make the most of working remotely, and improve your health and wellbeing with the new and revolutionary under desk treadmill.