French onion soup is a classic for a reason, but chopping all those onions can turn you into a crying mess. Not to mention, you may not always have the ingredients on hand. We also think it’s a good idea to always have some pantry-friendly soup mixes or ready-made soup available for emergencies and quick… Read More

Having healthy veg-packed meals is important, but sometimes cooking from scratch isn’t an option, perhaps due to time constraints or because you don’t have any fresh produce at home and can’t get to the store. Butternut squash soup is jam-packed with nutrient-rich squash and is great as a light lunch or a more hearty meal… Read More

Red beans and rice is a staple dish for many. Hailing from New Orleans, it has its origins in Louisiana Creole cuisine but has become popular to eat all over the United States, and even the world. While you can quite easily make red beans and rice from scratch yourself, sometimes it’s nice to have… Read More

CBD for Back Pain: Does CBD Cream Work for Back Pain?

Back pain can be anything from mildly annoying to completely debilitating. Doctors rarely offer useful solutions for treating back pain, particularly where the exact cause is unknown, and often simply prescribe strong painkillers that can leave you more incapacitated than the pain itself. If you’re searching for an alternative solution, try CBD cream for back… Read More

The Best Magnesium Supplements

It’s important to consume enough vitamins and minerals, so if you think you’re not getting ample magnesium in your diet, add a magnesium supplement. Magnesium is abundant in the human body and plays a role in more than 300 internal processes, including synthesizing DNA and RNA, maintaining healthy nerve functions, and supporting bone health. Magnesium… Read More

The Best Rowing Machines

Rowing is an excellent form of exercise that works muscles over your whole body, plus provides a cardiovascular workout. But, how many of us have access to a rowboat and a safe body of water? That’s where rowing machines come in handy. These exercise machines let you replicate the motions required for rowing while staying… Read More

The Best Food Processors

Chopping, shredding, grinding, making dips—a food processor simplifies a range of common kitchen tasks. If you love cooking but hate all the prep involved, a quality food processor will make your life easier. The question is, which food processor is right for you? Do you need a powerhouse of a food processor that can tackle… Read More