CBD for Back Pain: Does CBD Cream Work for Back Pain?

Back pain can be anything from mildly annoying to completely debilitating. Doctors rarely offer useful solutions for treating back pain, particularly where the exact cause is unknown, and often simply prescribe strong painkillers that can leave you more incapacitated than the pain itself. If you’re searching for an alternative solution, try CBD cream for back pain. It isn’t a miracle cure, but you may find it offers you relief with few to no side effects.

Does CBD Cream Really Work for Pain?

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Unlike CBD oil, CBD cream doesn’t enter the bloodstream, it simply works on the area to which you apply it. There are mixed feelings over using topical CBD creams for pain. Some users swear by them, saying topical creams make a huge difference to their overall pain levels, whereas others find little improvement. It’s likely to depend on the source and severity of your pain, alongside your personal reaction to CBD. We already know that CBD’s pain relieving effects come from the way it interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. Since we know that oral CBD relieves pain, it follows that topical CBD creams should have at least some pain relieving properties. Ultimately, if you’re suffering from back pain, we think CBD creams are worth a try because the potential pain relief payoff could be huge.

Can I Buy Back-Specific CBD Creams?

CBD Cream for Back Pain

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If a sore back is your problem, it makes sense to look out for CBD creams specifically designed for back pain. You can find a handful of back-specific CBD products on the market, such as CBD Medic Back & Neck Pain Relief Ointment, which contains 200 mg of CBD plus menthol and camphor for extra topical pain relief. That said, a general CBD pain relief cream, such as Aspen Green Pain Relief Body Balm, should work equally well for all kinds of topical pain. Ultimately, the amount of CBD and the overall quality of the product is likely to make more difference to its effectiveness than whether or not it’s specifically formulated for back pain.

Are There Side Effects from Using Topical CBD Products?

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A study from the World Health Organization found that CBD is very safe and well-tolerated in humans, with no addictive properties and few side effects. Topical CBD products are essentially free from side effects altogether because the CBD contained in them doesn’t reach your bloodstream. As such, there’s also zero chance of any drug interactions from using topical CBD while taking other medications, so there’s no need to even consult your doctor before beginning use. Some users of topical CBD products have reported skin irritation, but this is almost always due to a reaction from another product in the topical cream. If you have a known allergy, always check the ingredients of your chosen CBD cream before buying. For instance, CBDFX CBD Muscle Balm contains coconut oil and coconut is a fairly common allergen, so it would be best avoided if you’re prone to allergies.

How Long Does CBD Cream Take to Work and How Long Does it Last?

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Thankfully for anyone who’s suffering from back pain, CBD cream is quick to work. Most people find some relief within 15 to 45 minutes, which is about as long as you’d expect it to take for an over the counter painkiller to start kicking in. The effects should last for between 4 to 6 hours, though you might notice some pain starting to return towards the end of this time span. Luckily, CBD cream for back pain is completely safe, so you can apply it again right away once your pain begins to return or worsen, and there’s no maximum amount that you can use in a day.

Some CBD creams give you an option of different strengths. For instance, Joy Organics CBD Salve is available in either 500 mg or 1,000 mg strengths. The stronger the concentration of CBD, the longer the product is likely to last and the more effective it will be at relieving pain. So, you might choose a 500 mg cream for mild back pain or a 1,000 mg cream for moderate back pain. If your back pain is due to exercise or overexertion, you may find an overnight recovery cream, such as CBDFX Overnight Recovery CBD Balm, is a beneficial choice.

CBD cream for back pain might not help all types of back pain, but may users find that it helps. You might find better results by pairing it with another type of CBD product, such as CBD drinks or CBD oil.