Since cannabidiol has a whole host of health benefits, you may be considering use while you’re pregnant. In fact, if you look at the list of primary benefits, you may think the CBD as a supplement is tailor-made for a pregnant woman. While your ankles are swollen, your back is sore, your hormones are crazy, and you’re sad all the time, things like anti-inflammatory, anxiety relief, and decreased depression are pretty appealing! But before you pick up a CBD supplement or treatment, you’re going to want to look into it more. (And as always, never begin a new treatment when pregnant without talking to your doctor first.)

We do know the type of cannabis plant that produces THC (or marijuana) and results in a high for the user is definitely not a great idea for pregnant women.  It results in a statistical probability of lower birth weight and poor lung development. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean the baby will be in poor health, it’s a significant risk that can be avoided by steering clear of marijuana. Unfortunately, those who use THC during pregnancy also have a statistically increased chance of miscarriage.

CBD Pregnancy Research

But CBD isn’t THC, right? That’s not wrong, but in this instance, researchers just don’t know what part of the marijuana plant is the cause of the birth disadvantages. It could be that the CBD contained within the marijuana is just as likely to cause these developmental delays as the THC. More research is needed before one can conclusively say it’s the THC or the CBD.

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Can you use a CBD bath bomb while pregnant?

Generally speaking, when you ingest CBD, it will remain in your system for as long as three to four days, but using it topically, you’ll only have it in your system for approximately six hours. – And even that is a relatively localized effect. (Meaning if you rub a CBD oil, ointment, or cream on your sore wrist, it’s very unlikely to be absorbed into your body and travel to your baby.) A bath bomb is even less likely do to this since the CBD is so watered down by the bathwater. For a bath bomb, you may be just relying on the aromatherapy aspect of the CBD and far less on the other health benefits. You can find an excellent CBD bath bomb in the CBD Living Lavender Bath Bomb.

While most of the research that’s been done has been with regards to ingesting or inhaling the CBD, there has been even less research on the use of CBD as a topical. (Though if you’re looking for an oil that you can apply topically, there’s always the CBD Roll-On – CBD Living Freeze.) Bottom Line? We’re just not at a point in the research where anyone can definitely say yes or no, as to whether the use of CBD is going to harm your baby while you’re pregnant – so best to steer clear, entirely.

CBD Bath Bomb While Pregnant

Does CBD affect getting pregnant?

CBD for Pregnancy Recovery

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The THC in cannabis has an effect on implantation – more specifically in preventing it. So while you can still get pregnant as easily while using marijuana, the chance of keeping the pregnancy is less likely. CBD, however, has had promising research to suggest it does the opposite – or rather, it will help create an environment in the uterus that will be more hospitable for a fertilized embryo.

And don’t overlook that the CBD may have a positive effect on the motility and strength of sperm, as well. So even if you opt not to take any kind of CDB as the female trying to conceive, don’t skip on the male’s dose. Again, though we see a strong negative impact when the CBD is in the form of THC-heavy marijuana, the CBD has a vastly different effect. THC will stunt sperm motility, while CBD increases it.

While it’s generally accepted as a bad idea to use CBD while pregnant, there is conflicting research on its use while trying to conceive. Because of this, you’ll want to be on top of your testing – and make sure you cease the use the very second you’re pregnant or think you may be pregnant. It’s a very careful and meticulous line to tow, but if you find the balance, you could very well increase your fertility and speed up the time it takes to become pregnant.

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