There are several variants of the cannabis, or marijuana plants, and each has a composition heavy in cannabidiol, or CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is another component of the cannabis plant, though the effects are fairly different. Both are classified a cannabinoid, but only one, the THC, will give you the side effect of a drug-induced high. That’s why the cannabis plants that contain THC are by and large restricted to medical use and regulated by laws in the United States.

Industrial hemp is a term to refer to cannabis plants that are rich in CBD, but have been purposely created to produce an abundance of fiber. They’re also specifically chosen to include minimal, if any, of the THC. They are created and grown for the industrial use of the plant (hence the name). The Green Garden Gold CBD Panidiol, for example, is made in by blending the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD with well-known joint supplements to ease your pain.

So how much CBD is in hemp? Loads of it.

What Part of the Hemp Plant Contains CBD?

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If you’re wanting to get CBD from hemp, there’s really good news: It’s contained within virtually all parts of the hemp plant. The stem, the stalk, the leaves are all rich in CBDs, so harvesting the part of the plant that contains a plentiful amount is relatively simple. CBD is often described as located in anything aerial in the hemp plant; meaning it won’t be contained in the seeds or roots, but anything above the surface of the ground, or soil line, will have it.

What is the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

CBD in Hemp

THC is really the only difference worthy of note with marijuana and hemp. The CBD in each cannabis plant is equally effective and equally potent. You won’t get a high from the hemp, but the primary purpose of CBD isn’t to gain a high. If your CBD is derived from a marijuana plant, then you are likely to get at least some THC with it – that’s why most CBD products you can purchase will be from hemp. For a cannabis plant to be called “hemp” rather than marijuana, it needs to have no more than 0.3% THC within it. That means any CBD that is labeled as “hemp” only ever has trace amounts of THC. If the manufacturer goes out of the way to market it as “100% THC-free” then you know that they took extra care to eliminate the THC during the growth process.

That’s all exceptionally good news, considering the hemp-derived CBDs are under no legal regulation – you can get them anywhere you would expect to get CBD and will never need to fear for legal intervention. It also means that you can feel safer with the dosage. Where marijuana can cause a euphoric state that may lead to questionable decisions (even if it’s just a third slice of cheesecake), the hemp won’t alter your mental state in any way other than, maybe, a bit of depression and anxiety relief.

Other Uses of Hemp

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Besides the health benefits, you may be surprised to learn that hemp is actually an outstanding resource for a wide range of products. The fibrous parts of the plant can produce a fabric, or even a paper. And considering it’s ready for harvest in as little as only 60 days after planting, you can see the appeal to use hemp instead of continuing the depletion of our forests. Some other products you can get from hemp plants include:

  • Protein powder. Some people consider hemp to be a “super food” – it’s rich in antioxidants, protein, fiber, and loads of other nutrients and fats. Adding hemp protein powder to your diet may not be a bad idea.
  • Milk. You may not be jumping at the chance to drink hemp milk, but the reality is, the seeds in hemp can give you milk that’s rich in flavor, just as almonds milk, for example.
  • Diapers. You can use hemp as a reusable diaper, too. The fibers within hemp may even be more porous and better at absorbing than the cloth counterpart.
  • Soap. There’s a high-fatty content in hemp, making it an excellent base for soap-creating.
  • Clothing. We can make a wide variety of fabrics with hemp and that means you have no shortage of possibility with fashion when opting for hemp material.
  • Rope. Rope has been made with hemp for literally hundreds of years. In the 18th century, it was one of the primary crops in both George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s farms for this exact purpose.

And don’t forget that even if you’re not planning on using the health benefits of CBD for yourself, that doesn’t mean your fur baby can’t enjoy pain and anxiety relief. When looking for a CBD oil for your pet, why not try the Sol CBD Pet CBD Tincture Oil?

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