Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a tricky health concern to fix because it’s so individual to the person that suffers it. There are no universal quick-fixes, and even the medications that fix your bowels may have other side effects that your body can’t handle. Add those concerns with the fact that insurances won’t necessarily cover the expensive treatments your doctors recommend, and looking for some kind of alternative is often a no-brainer.

Enter cannabidiol (or CBD). The health benefits of CBD can include reducing inflammation, bloating, and water retention. And, as if that wasn’t enough to tempt you to try it, it also offers anxiety and depression relief, as well. For sufferers of IBS, anxiety and depression often come hand-in-hand with their condition. The pressure you’ll face with carefully selecting each meal, and unknown of whether or not you’re going to later suffer the pain or discomfort of that choice is enough to weigh on anyone – but CBD can ease that, as well. Combining these potential benefits makes CBD one supplement that a person with IBS shouldn’t discount!

If you’re interested in the health benefits of CBD and don’t want to deal with any CBD taste – you can always opt for CBD disguised as candy. There are CBD supplements that are made as chocolates, or gummy bears, or even legitimate candy.



Can CBD help with digestive issues?

CBD Isolate

CBD Living Isolate

If the other ingredients are causing your IBS to flare, you may want to try the pure isolate power of this CBD oil and ensure your CBD is made with only ingredients you know you can tolerate.

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The beauty of an anti-inflammatory supplement like CBD is that it will reduce inflammation in your body – no matter where it may be. That means if your bowels are irritated, your stomach is bloated, or your digestive tract is swollen, each and every one of these problems can be improved with a regular dose of CBD. For a lot of people with IBS, they also suffer from a “which came first” problem with their IBS and anxiety. The more anxious they are, the worse their IBS is, as it responds to the anxiety – and, of course, the worse the IBS gets, the worse the anxiety. CBD can help with both.

You’ll also see the universal benefit of an efficiently performing endocannabinoid system (ECS).  Your body contains an ECS that regulates a whole host of its functions – everything from your appetite and immune system responses, to sleep and pain management. CBD supports this system within your body so that it will allow it to perform as best as it can (bear in mind that an underlying condition like IBS may mean your body may never perform as others – but the CBD could help it reach its potential, at the very least.) It also means your body’s other functions won’t be triggers for your IBS. So if poor sleep causes your IBS to flare, then this could be a way to improve your IBS by ensuring your sleep better and eliminating one of your triggers.

Can CBD Oil Upset Your Tummy?

CBD and Upset Stomachs

The truth of the matter is that your IBS will come with triggers and inflammatory reactions that are unique to you and only you. That makes it virtually impossible to determine whether or not the CBD will cause your stomach to get upset, or for your bowels to become even more irritated than any other normal day. It makes sense that with a condition like IBS, you’ll be more contentious about what you put in your body, but that doesn’t mean you need to eliminate the prospect of all the health benefits you can get from CBD. The good news is that if it does affect your stomach or digestion poorly, there’s a chance it’s not the CBD, so much as the carrier oil in which it’s conveyed or the other components of the CBD. If you’re suffering more when taking CBD – you don’t have to give up. You can switch to a CBD isolate (which means there’s nothing but pure CBD in the supplement), like CBD Living Isolate, you can alternate from oil to pill. or you can find a CBD from another manufacturer that uses a different carrier oil. (Pro-Tip: An organic coconut oil will give you an excellent absorption rate that will lead to fewer complications.)

Can CBD heal the gut?

CBD Gummies

CBDfx CBD Gummy Bears

If you’re worried about the carrier oil in your CBD, then you may want to consider the yummy gummy alternative.

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While no one can claim that CBS has magical healing powers that cure your IBS overnight, it can lead to a healthier gut over time. The longer you go without a flare-up, the more opportunity your bowels have to heal themselves. If you’ve had IBS for long, then you know how true the commonly used statement about IBS really is: the longer without an episode, the longer without an episode. The less inflamed your stomach and digestive tract is over time, the less likely it is to cause pain or long-term damage.

Some research also indicates IBS is caused by an ECS deficiency. Since we know CBD will positively affect the ECS, there’s a very good chance that incorporating CBD into your body with a regular schedule will improve your IBS over time. Though the clinical research that will lead to CBD as a full-fledged medical treatment for IBS is in the early stages, so far, the outlook looks promising and taking it as a supplement may heal your gut as you do.

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