CBD For Acne: Does CBD Work for Acne?

Cannabidiol has amazing properties. From helping pets with pain to helping us to calm down in anxiety-ridden situations. CBD is here to stay and it proves more and more each and every day that it can do a wide variety of different things, and has many special properties to it. There are even face creams that contain CBD for helping to firm skin, clear up the skin, and more. Did you know that even CBD can help with skin conditions like acne? Here’s a look at how CBD can help acne.

What Is Acne and What Causes Breakouts?

What Is Acne and What Causes Breakouts?Acne is a skin condition that happens when the pores on your face become clogged up, and when that happens reddish pimples will form as a breakout on the face. There are four main causes of acne. Bacteria is one, dead skin cells clogging the follicles, production of excess oil, and in some cases, hormonal changes may cause acne breakouts.

Even though it is most common among teenagers, it can happen to anyone, at any age. Stress is one of the many factors that can exacerbate a breakout and make it worse. Others that can cause or make a breakout worse are certain medications and even genetics.

How Can CBD Help Acne?

It is rather interesting how CBD can help acne. Sebum, which is an oily substance that is secreted from sebaceous glands. It is meant to protect our skin from becoming too dried out. However, sometimes sebum can co-mingle with dirt or dead skin cells, and trap those contaminants into the skin on your face, where an acne breakout soon forms. Because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it works on the inflammatory response in our bodies and can help to reduce some of the redness and pain that acne can cause.

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Antifungal Effects of CBD

Antifungal Effects

In a study that was done in 2016, the reviewing of the cannabis plant was seen to have some antibacterial as well as anti-fungal properties. These types of effects may be able to help reduce the inflammation and help to reduce dirt on the skin. A study that was done back in 2014 looked at the effects of CBD oil on sebocytes. They found that CBD could block the skin from making too much sebum, thus producing fewer breakouts. While that evidence is very promising, more trials need to be done. It should also be stated that before trying any new product, to speak with a doctor or dermatologist before starting a new skincare regimen.

How Should I Take Care Of My Skin?

In addition to using CBD for acne, you should also implement a good skincare regimen into your daily routine. Some things that you can do is wash your face with mild soap and water, exfoliate and get plenty of sleep. That will actually help your body to heal itself from the acne-causing agents. CBD has even been promising in various studies for helping those who suffer from psoriasis and eczema as well. In addition to having anti-inflammatory benefits, CBD is also full of antioxidants and vitamins. CBD has been incorporated into very many soaps and body washes, as well as face washes, which are an important part of any good skincare routine. Using a CBD cream or wash is a great way to

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Are There Any Side Effects of Using CBD for Acne?

Are There Any Side Effects?

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, so using CBD acne products is taking a holistic approach to a common skin problem. Not too many people have side effects with CBD creams, oils, or tinctures. Do bear in mind, however, that while the CBD might not have any side effects, if you have sensitive skin, there may be other ingredients that could irritate your skin. Your dermatologist will have the best answer when it comes to choosing the right CBD acne products and what concentration to look for.

It is always important to make sure that you are purchasing your CBD products from a reputable source, as well. Things to look for when purchasing CBD for acne is that their product is third-party tested for safety and quality, check out the ingredients list to make certain that there are no ingredients in there that will irritate your skin, and finally, try to find a product that is made with organically grown hemp and other ingredients.

The Takeaway

If you have tried just about everything for your acne, maybe giving CBD a chance isn’t such a bad idea! With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it can not only help to clear your skin up but to soothe it as well.