Cannabidiol (CBD) has well-documented anti-inflammatory properties and, as such, seems as if it’s a no-brainer help for a person with asthma. One way to look at asthma is to consider the root of all the problems is one kind of inflammation or another. During an attack, or when faced with an irritant or trigger, the muscles will become inflamed and make breathing more difficult, if not impossible. Reducing the baseline of your airway’s inflammation is an excellent start to proving CBD’s worth for someone with asthma, but it doesn’t stop there. CBD is also a well-documented bronchodilatory – or rather, it will dilate the bronchi and decrease resistance in your airway while increasing airflow to your lungs. It’s also an antispasmodic, which means it will relieve and prevent involuntary muscle spasms. For those with asthma, this is particularly appealing because the muscles in the respiratory system will contract and spasm during an attack, and avoiding that scary sensation is paramount. If you’re concerned about the taste, then you may want to try CBD gummies like the Joy Organics Raspberry Lemonade CBD Gummies that taste amazing.

Is CBD safe with Asthma?

A lot of asthma-sufferers notice a bi-product of their condition – anxiety. If you ask us, that makes perfect sense – if your breathing acts up, it’s endangering your life, so it is only natural that you’ll feel anxious about that possibility. You can’t always control if you come into contact with common irritants or triggers during your day, and the unknown with this condition is often the worst part. The pressure of always needing your medication, no matter where you go or what you’re doing, is a lot to handle, and that may lead to depression, as well. The good – no excellent – news is that CBD can help those difficulties, too. You can take CBD more often and with fewer restrictions, so even after you’ve established a baseline of CBD in your system, you can increase or decrease your dosage to accommodate your mental state on any given day.

Can You Take CBD If You Have Asthma?

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CBD itself isn’t dangerous for those with asthma. However, there are some methods of getting it into your system with which you’ll want to be particularly cautious. Ingesting it through gummies, drinks, oil drops, or pill-forms is going to be your most common. You won’t see any ill-effects with your lungs when you take your CBD in with these methods. Another key benefit to these is ease. You can take, for example, one dose of MedTerra CBD Gel Capsules, and be set for the day. You could also keep a bottle in your car or purse to make sure you’re never without, and if you feel like you’ll need an extra dose, they’re there for that, as well.

However, if you’re really interested in the best way to get that CBD, then you should definitely try drinking a CBD-infused tea. Steeping the CBD in hot water will make sure you’re getting all the CBD you need into your system, but a huge benefit for the tea is that the warmth of the liquid will soothe your lungs as you swallow and the steam that you breathe in as you drink it will do so even more effectively. You can try the CBD Living Passion Green Tea for a calming cuppa to settle your irritated respiratory system.

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Is CBD Harmful to Lungs?

The one method you want to avoid when you’re considering the safest way to get your CBD is the vape pen or e-cigarettes. The oil being inhaled into your lungs may include irritants, but even without anything extra, anyone with asthma should be particularly cautious about inhaling anything. Bottom line: Don’t vape it without talking to your doctor.

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Using CBD on a regular basis may help you to avoid illnesses that affect your lungs. Because even the smallest cold can be a serious risk for those with breathing problems, you’ll want to avoid it whenever possible. There are, luckily, a wide array of products that combine the best ingredients for your immune system with the CBD to make sure that you’re living your best life. The CBD Living Immune Boost, for example, will give you such a boost with such an incredible dose of Vitamin C that you may just be able to face the cold and flu season without the dread and fear.

We would issue one more caution beyond the vape pen: Be careful with how it interacts with other medications you’re on. While the CBD itself may not react with the medication, it may create an environment where your liver processes your medication differently. Most commonly, you’ll see your medications react more strongly than before, and in which case, you need to be extra-cautious. You should always talk to your doctor, but if you’re interested in a bit more on this, check out Project CBD for more.