Having healthy veg-packed meals is important, but sometimes cooking from scratch isn’t an option, perhaps due to time constraints or because you don’t have any fresh produce at home and can’t get to the store. Butternut squash soup is jam-packed with nutrient-rich squash and is great as a light lunch or a more hearty meal… Read More

Red beans and rice is a staple dish for many. Hailing from New Orleans, it has its origins in Louisiana Creole cuisine but has become popular to eat all over the United States, and even the world. While you can quite easily make red beans and rice from scratch yourself, sometimes it’s nice to have… Read More

Pinto beans are the most popular dried beans in the U.S. This is not without good reason. Pinto beans are versatile (you can serve mashed pinto beans as an appetizer or add pinto beans to soups, salads, and main dishes), easy to prepare, and relatively inexpensive. Pinto beans are also loaded with nutrients like vitamin… Read More

Many people choose brown rice over white rice, mostly because of its health benefits. Due to its whole grain nature, brown rice is naturally rich in healthy, gut-friendly fiber that contributes towards good digestion. Brown rice also has a low glycemic index, which means that it’s great for giving you long-lasting energy and keeping you… Read More

Great for busy people, rice pilaf (or pilau) dishes don’t take too long to whip up and can be eaten as a side, snack, or even as a meal in itself (just add some seafood or meat to bulk it up). Because you can prepare rice pilaf in a single pan, you don’t have to… Read More

If you need a healthy protein for your lunch or dinner, try reaching for black beans. Also called “turtle” beans, they’re small and oval-shaped (smaller than pinto beans), black with a light cream interior, and have a dense, hearty taste. Originating in South America, black beans have now gained popularity throughout the world for their… Read More

Can you eat pasta on a ketogenic diet? Absolutely! Although traditional pasta is loaded with carbohydrates that will kick your metabolism out of ketosis, there are plenty of low carb pasta options that complement a ketogenic lifestyle. There are low carb pastas that are virtually indistinguishable from traditional pasta in flavor and texture, and there… Read More

Do you have trouble digesting regular milk? Many people do. In most cases, it’s due to the natural sugar in dairy called “lactose.” Though most infants can digest this sugar just fine, as we get older, we lose some of our ability to do so. If you notice after drinking a glass of milk that… Read More

Crackers are the best snack on the shelf in our opinion. Crackers have a satisfying crunch, endless flavor varieties, and they are the best vehicle for dips and toppings. The best low carb crackers have all of these characteristics as well, plus they are healthier and more gentle on your digestive system than their carb-heavy… Read More

If you’re on a low carb diet, you might think you have to say goodbye to your favorite pasta dishes. Luckily there are some great low carb pastas out there that offer high percentages of protein and fiber with lower carbs and calories than traditional pastas. Whether you’re looking for a gluten free option, vegetable… Read More