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Morning drink to make you superhuman.

March 7, 2016


Today I am sharing with you my recipe for a morning drink that will make you superhuman and cause all sorts of good things to take place in your body.


My recipe for a morning drink to make you superhuman:




- 2 cups organic coffee made with spring water

- half a teaspoon ghee or grassfed butter (KerryGold is good. You can find it cheap at Walmart.)

- half a teaspoon extra virgin organic coconut oil

- half a teaspoon organic palm oil

- a little MCT oil

- 1 scoop whey protein powder

- half a teaspoon milk thistle (for my alcoholic liver)

- half a teaspoon turmeric with a little black pepper (increases turmeric absorption)


Along with this morning drink, you want to take the following supplements. The healing fats in my morning drink help with the absortion of fat-soluble vitamin D3:

- Vitamin D3 5,000 i.u. The sun is best, but if you can't get any sun, you need vitamin D3. Vitamin D is responsible for the expression of about 3,000 genes in the body.

- Soy lecithin 5 grams (increases the effect of milk thistle, also is a fat emulsifier and helps with fatty liver disease. Good source of choline.

- Vitamin B complex and Vitamin B12 sublingual. Nourishes the nervous system.

- Vitamin C 2 grams. Helps with liver detox.


If you want to be extra-good to yourself, while drinking this morning drink, sit outside and flood your retinas with the full-spectrum morning sun.


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