How to do nothing.

Every morning, I wake up, I go sit outside facing the sunrise, and I do nothing.

Sometimes I try hard to do nothing. I might even stop THINKING for a moment, next thing I know I am humming a song.

how to do nothing

Yesterday I went swimming at the outdoor pool at the Rec Center. Right around me were 7 women with their children (men do not swim at the pool, men like to DO STUFF, it makes them feel important and feeds their egos.) Out of 7 women and their children, 6 were staring at their smartphones while sitting around the pool.


We find it unbearable to do nothing. If all of humanity picked 1 hour per year to do nothing together simultaneously, everyone on the planet just sitting doing nothing together simultaneously for 1 hour, some of us would jump out of windows.

how-to-do-nothing-TatWaleBabaTat Wale Baba 


Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now




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