This is a FULL SPECTRUM light. Its spectrum resembles sunlight: 380 nanometer purple all the way to 840 nanometer infrared.

Our new microwaved world drowns us in a sea of non-native EMFs, we need to mitigate this EMF pollution using sunlight and full-spectrum light devices.

This FULL SPECTRUM light can be worn on the radial artery on the wrist (compare to $750 Quantlet), it can also be used as an intranasal light therapy device (Compare to $399 Vielight). The nasal cavity is rich in blood vessels.

The light delivered to the tissues is absorbed by the MITOCHONDRIA. We need FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT, preferably from the sun, if not, then from full spectrum lights. More info here and here. $59.00








How to live forever and make a million dollars. In that order.

July 31 , 2010


I am excited about writing this page. A friend recently made me aware of an amino acid supplement which has been shown to greatly benefit the cardiovascular system and helps avert high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

The simplest way I can summarize what I've learned is this: The amino acid L-Arginine gets converted into nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator which means that nitric oxide improves blood flow throughout the body, from the big toe to the tip of the nose. This improvement in blood flow has great implications for health.


In 1998, Dr. Louis Ignarro won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research on Arginine's role in the production of nitric oxide. The nitric oxide molecule is called the "molecule of life". The nitric oxide molecule tells every cell in your body how to operate.


In the video below, Dr. Louis Ignarro explains the important role of nitric oxide in the body and its precursor, the amino acid L-Arginine. (1/2)



Dr. Louis Ignarro, Nobel Prize winner, explains Nitric Oxide (2/2)


Here is a link to Dr. Ignarro's book.

Gee, do I make it easy for you or what?

Buy it now and thank me later!



Dr Joe Prendergast on L-Arginine 






I had my aorta checked last week and my aorta is more rigid at my age than it should be (from the alcohol abuse in my past?), and so I want to address this with supplementation, not just food.

I will be getting tested every 3 months to assess the progress being made in clearing out my arteries.

\proargi9 Cardio PulseWave Analysis

I've been feeling so much better since taking ProArgi 9 that I just had to write a page about it. The increase in energy and well being started right away. My meditation is much more blissful. Why would that be? ProArgi 9 relaxes the arteries throughout the body, reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow throughout the body: that means the brain too. IMPROVED BLOOD FLOW TO THE BRAIN. If there was a bigger font, I would use it.


One of the questions I had about ProArgi 9 was: why can't I just buy the individual ingredients separately, make my own and save money?

The answer to this question has to do with the purity of the ingredients. Synergy uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

We have a chiropractor in town who has tried different brands of Arginine with his patients for several years, with no success until he tried ProArgi 9.

Also, the Citrulline and vitamins found in ProArgi 9 are combined in the right proportion and are critical to making ProArgi 9 work the way it does. Dr. Joe Prendergast experimented with over a dozen different variations while formulating ProArgi 9.


I can tell you that since I started supplementing with ProArgi 9, I have experienced the increase in energy and well being I was told about by others before I tried the product.

You can send me questions about my experience with the Arginine supplement ProArgi 9 at:

HealingWithArginine "at" gmail dot com.


Note: Do yourself a favor and get Dr. Ignarro's book. Google "nitric oxide", learn about it. Nitric oxide is a BIG DEAL. The L-Arginine supplement ProArgi 9 has made a big difference in the way I feel physically and mentally. Blood flow is key.


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