"Lasting world peace can only exist on the basis of happiness. Without happiness there can be no lasting world peace. We are all made of Bliss. Only we need to EXPERIENCE our own nature, to be happy in life." Learn how here.




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My name is Marc Lacasse. This is one of my websites.

healingdaily.com was born out of my own need to stop assaulting my health in many ways and start healing my body and my mind.

I abused alcohol for many years as a way to cope with depression, and this website simply mirrors my ongoing journey to gain back my health. This is a daily process - our state of health at any given time really is the sum total of our daily health habits and... hey wait! This is BORING! Why don't we do this instead:

February 2017 update:

DIY Vielight Neuro hat for $50:



660 nm intranasal red light therapy device and DIY Quantlet now powered by your cell phone. No need for batteries:




I am a writer who is passionate about health. I worked for many years as a computer programmer. I am university educated, however I never went to medical school. Depending on your point of view, that is either a blessing, or a reason to dismiss the important information found on this site.

Mainstream medicine does a good job in some cases: if I get hit by a car and crack my skull open, I will certainly want to receive the care they offer. When it comes to chronic illness however, the picture is much more somber. What we really have is "disease care", not "health care". Traditional mainstream doctors focus on disease, they know very little about prevention.

I promise you this: if you only use 5% of the information on this site, you will significantly improve your health.



Teach your children the value of eating pure, organic fruits and vegetables.

My son and I like to ride our bicycles in the Iowa countryside and kayaking.

My son and I love Nature and all the creatures in it.



"Bliss so great,
That tears roll down your face,
Then you realize,
God knows that you miss Her,
That you crave Her,
And She is willing to wait."



How to have an ideal daily routine. Mother Nature's basics: Meditation, sunshine, pure water, pure food, fresh air, exercise, rest, sleep.



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